youtube video - cornell talk at the hopper house, nyack, ny


Armchair Voyager/Joseph Cornell - One of the most original American artists of the twentieth century, we look at the influence of Americana in Cornell’s life and art as well as French culture and the surrealists to vaudeville reviews and Houdini. A wide range of sources that make Cornell’s “slot-machines” of the 1940s and his work with experimental cinema so unique - all from an artist working out of his humble home in Queens.


Victory of Pan: Picasso in Occupied Paris - How did Picasso and other artists survive the Nazi occupation of Paris? How did Picasso, a known anti-fascist and “degenerate artist” not only survive but manage to produce art? How did other artists at risk not only manage to work but flourish? How did they remain in France under personal risk? We also take a look at Picasso’s work from this period. How did he cleverly make his own statements with art against fascism while under house arrest?


HopperHitchcock - Two visual artists that worked in different mediums but often shared similar visions. This talks goes into detail about how these two Victorian men who came of age during the birth of the cinema - Hopper in Nyack, NY and Hitch from the East End, London went on to become masters of moody, iconic imagery and how their lives and work overlapped.


The Monsters are due on Main Street: Coding Art - How have artists used “coded” language to escape personal and professional harm? We go all the way back to the renaissance and see Michelangelo’s tangles with the church, how writers like Rod Serling worked in science fiction/fantasy to avoid censorship during the golden age of television as well as the secret visual language former slave Bill Traylor developed to conceal his anger and fears.


The Female Gaze - The new creative medium of photography was wide open at the beginning of the twentieth century and women artists saw opportunities to participate at the highest levels. This talk focuses on the work of women photographers who explored new territory, including: Gertrude Kasebier, Berenice Abbott, Lisette Model, as well as Lee Miller and Margaret Bourke-White who became the first female war correspondent.


Flight of the Mind: Birds in Art - This talk takes a look at birds and how they have been viewed by artists in both Eastern and Western cultures. Used as powerful symbols for a range of qualities, birds appear throughout art history in many incarnations. Starting with the renaissance and moving on through modern art and cinema we get a glimpse at the fascinating role birds play in visual art.

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Your presentation at the Rye Hilton on Picasso was so interesting and informative and delivered with knowledge and passion. People really enjoyed it and would love to hear you speak again!!!

Susan O’Rourke
Financial Mgr, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. 

Hi I attended your lecture the other night at the Valley Cottage Library and thought is was excellent. Cornell has an amazing story that I don't think most people know and the fact that there is a local connection makes it even more interesting.

f s
Valley Cottage Library, NY

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