The Crossover of Painting and Cinema

Edward Hopper and Alfred Hitchcock were both men born of the Victorian era, but began their careers as artists at the beginning of the modern age. Hopper and Hitchcock were both deeply effected by cinema and popular culture. Hitchcock had considered being a painter, but chose cinema as his medium. Hopper adored movies, but saw himself as a painter. Some of Hitchcock's imagery of the American landscape were inspired by Hopper's paintings, including the Bates house in Hitchcock's 1960 Psycho. Although they never met or spoke to each other, both men's lives and work crossed over in interesting ways.

We explore the threads running through these two influential twentieth century artist's lives and work.

running time: 60 min

Hopper/Hitchcock video preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFDHGl20i18