Jackie Kenney, First Lady of the Arts

Beyond her iconic elegance and style, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a highly intelligent person who had a life-long love of literature, history and the arts. As First Lady, Mrs. Kennedy made it her mission to bring arts and culture to the public. Following the assassina!on of President John F. Kennedy, she went on to establish a new life in New York as a single mom, furnishing her private Fifth Avenue apartment with cherished art and belongings. She was particularly fond of a little known New York painter, Albert York. In this compelling lecture, we take a look at this painter Jackie was drawn to, her achievments in the arts while First Lady, how her early background influenced her taste in art, review works from her private collection and learn about a New York painter Jackie collected, and the gallery that championed his work and advised Jackie on art for over 40 years. An enchanting tale of a little explored chapter from the New York art world.

Note: Ms. Cecily Langdale, of Davis and Langdale Co., graciously shared some of her thoughts about Jackie Kennedy and Albert York with Cliff Tisdell.

Running time: 50 minutes

Includes over 50 images

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"Dear Cliff,

Thank you, once again, for a most fascinating presentation - today's about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' private art collection. Your talk added depth and perspective to Jackie's life and your thoughtful presentation style helps everyone "lean in" to the material even more.  We are so grateful!"

Wendy Handler

Director, Onsite & Special Programs


New York, New York